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The PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorFactory class provides widgets for editing item data in views and delegates.

When editing data in an item view, editors are created and displayed by a delegate. PySide.QtGui.QItemDelegate , which is the delegate by default installed on Qt’s item views, uses a PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorFactory to create editors for it. A default unique instance provided by PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorFactory is used by all item delegates. If you set a new default factory with PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorFactory.setDefaultFactory() , the new factory will be used by existing and new delegates.

A factory keeps a collection of PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorCreatorBase instances, which are specialized editors that produce editors for one particular PySide.QtCore.QVariant data type (All Qt models store their data in PySide.QtCore.QVariant s).

Standard Editing Widgets

The standard factory implementation provides editors for a variety of data types. These are created whenever a delegate needs to provide an editor for data supplied by a model. The following table shows the relationship between types and the standard editors provided.

Type Editor Widget
bool PySide.QtGui.QComboBox
double PySide.QtGui.QDoubleSpinBox
int PySide.QtGui.QSpinBox
unsigned int
PySide.QtCore.QDate PySide.QtGui.QDateEdit
PySide.QtCore.QDateTime PySide.QtGui.QDateTimeEdit
PySide.QtGui.QPixmap PySide.QtGui.QLabel
PySide.QtCore.QString PySide.QtGui.QLineEdit
PySide.QtCore.QTime PySide.QtGui.QTimeEdit

Additional editors can be registered with the PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorFactory.registerEditor() function.

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class PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorFactory

Constructs a new item editor factory.

PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorFactory.createEditor(type, parent)
Return type:


static PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorFactory.defaultFactory()
Return type:PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorFactory

Returns the default item editor factory.

PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorFactory.registerEditor(type, creator)
static PySide.QtGui.QItemEditorFactory.setDefaultFactory(factory)

Sets the default item editor factory to the given factory . Both new and existing delegates will use the new factory.

Return type:PySide.QtCore.QByteArray