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Detailed Description

The PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2 class is used to describe the parameters necessary for drawing a frame in Qt 4.3 or above.

PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2 inherits PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBox which is used for drawing the tabs in a PySide.QtGui.QToolBox .

An instance of the PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2 class has type SO_ToolBox and version 2. The type is used internally by PySide.QtGui.QStyleOption , its subclasses, and qstyleoption_cast() to determine the type of style option. In general you do not need to worry about this unless you want to create your own PySide.QtGui.QStyleOption subclass and your own styles. The version is used by PySide.QtGui.QStyleOption subclasses to implement extensions without breaking compatibility. If you use qstyleoption_cast() , you normally do not need to check it.

If you create your own PySide.QtGui.QStyle subclass, you should handle both PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBox and PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2 .

class PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2
class PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2(other)
class PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2(other)
class PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2(version)

Contsructs a PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2 object.

Constructs a PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2 copy of the other style option which can be either of the PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2 or PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBox types.

If the other style option’s version is 1, the new style option’s position value is set to QStyleOptionToolBoxV2.Beginning and selectedPosition is set to QStyleOptionToolBoxV2.NotAdjacent . If its version is 2, the position selectedPosition values are simply copied to the new style option.

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Constructs a PySide.QtGui.QStyleOptionToolBoxV2 copy of the other style option.


This enum holds the version of this style option

Constant Description
QStyleOptionToolBoxV2.Version 2

This enum describes tab positions relative to other tabs.

Constant Description
QStyleOptionToolBoxV2.Beginning The tab is the first (i.e., top-most) tab in the toolbox.
QStyleOptionToolBoxV2.Middle The tab is placed in the middle of the toolbox.
QStyleOptionToolBoxV2.End The tab is placed at the bottom of the toolbox.
QStyleOptionToolBoxV2.OnlyOneTab There is only one tab in the toolbox.

This enum describes the position of the selected tab. Some styles need to draw a tab differently depending on whether or not it is adjacent to the selected tab.

Constant Description
QStyleOptionToolBoxV2.NotAdjacent The tab is not adjacent to a selected tab (or is the selected tab).
QStyleOptionToolBoxV2.NextIsSelected The next tab (typically the tab on the right) is selected.
QStyleOptionToolBoxV2.PreviousIsSelected The previous tab (typically the tab on the left) is selected.

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