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The The ListProperty class allows applications to expose list-like properties to QML.

Detailed Description

The ListProperty class provides a replacement to QDeclarativeListProperty.

ListProperty is a subclass of QtCore.Property, that support the following keywords.

type the type used in the list append Function used to append itens at Function used to retrieve item from the list clear Function used to clear the list count Function used to retrieve the list size

QML has many list properties, where more than one object value can be assigned. The use of a list property from QML looks like this:

FruitBasket {
fruit: [
Apple {}, Orange{}, Banana{}



The ListProperty encapsulates a group of callbacks that represent the set of actions QML can perform on the list - adding items, retrieving items and clearing the list. In the future, additional operations may be supported. All list properties must implement the append operation, but the rest are optional. To provide a list property, a class must implement the operation callbacks, and then return an appropriate value from the property getter. List properties should have no setter. In the example above, the ListProperty declarative will look like this:

slices = ListProperty(PieSlice, append=appendSlice)

Note: ListProperty can only be used for lists of QObject-derived object pointers.