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Detailed Description

PySide adopt PyQt’s new signal and slot syntax as-is. The PySide implementation is functionally compatible with the PyQt 4.5 one, with the exceptions listed bellow.

PyQt’s new signal and slot style utilizes method and decorator names specific to their implementation. These will be generalized according to the table below:

Module PyQt factory function PySide class
QtCore pyqtSignal Signal
QtCore pyqtSlot Slot


PySide doesn’t offer something identical to Q_INVOKABLE macro of Qt, the reason is simple, PySide slots can have return values, so if you need to create a invokable method that returns some value, declare it as a slot, e.g.:

class Foo(QObject):

    @Slot(result=int, float)
    def getFloatReturnInt(self, f):
        return int(f)