Detailed Description

The PySide.QtScript.QScriptExtensionPlugin class provides an abstract base for custom QScript extension plugins.

PySide.QtScript.QScriptExtensionPlugin is a plugin interface that makes it possible to offer extensions that can be loaded dynamically into applications using the PySide.QtScript.QScriptEngine class.

Writing a script extension plugin is achieved by subclassing this base class, reimplementing the pure virtual PySide.QtScript.QScriptExtensionPlugin.keys() and PySide.QtScript.QScriptExtensionPlugin.initialize() functions, and exporting the class using the Q_EXPORT_PLUGIN2() macro. See How to Create Qt Plugins for details.

See also

QScriptEngine.importExtension() Creating QtScript Extensions

class PySide.QtScript.QScriptExtensionPlugin([parent=None])

Constructs a script extension plugin with the given parent .

Note that this constructor is invoked automatically by the Q_EXPORT_PLUGIN2() macro, so there is no need for calling it explicitly.

PySide.QtScript.QScriptExtensionPlugin.setupPackage(key, engine)
Return type:


This function is provided for convenience when reimplementing PySide.QtScript.QScriptExtensionPlugin.initialize() . It splits the given key on '.' (dot), and ensures that there’s a corresponding path of objects in the environment of the given engine , creating new objects to complete the path if necessary. E.g. if the key is “com.trolltech”, after the call to PySide.QtScript.QScriptExtensionPlugin.setupPackage() the script expression com.trolltech will evaluate to an object. More specifically, the engine’s Global Object will have a property called “com”, which in turn has a property called “trolltech”.

Use this function to avoid global namespace pollution when installing your extensions in the engine.

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